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Back to school January 22, 2008

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nethra, originally uploaded by kavithaclicks.

Nethra went to school today after a 11 day holiday. It’s odd that she has holidays… I dont think day care should have breaks. But I guess the teachers need time off too. She was not too happy going to school today and cried really bad. We got her back in an hour… when she got home she said “Akash hit me”. Other than that she seemed to have had a great time. Now I have to go find out about that Akash guy.


Nethra and her yellow sunflower January 17, 2008

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Nethra and her yellow sunflower, originally uploaded by kveerara.

Nethra saw her first sunflower field on our way to Nandyal. She was really excited… as she is whenever she connects a name that she knows with a reeal image. She had to have one of them. she was staring at it for a few minutes….


General January 4, 2008

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Oh. I have to pose now?

Oh. I have to pose now?

OK. One for the camera.

Ok. One picture.

Mama. What is this in the picture?

Mama, what is that in the picture?

No seriously. What IS this???

No seriously… what IS that??


Happy New Year!!!

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Time flies. It’s January already. In another 2 months Nethra will be 2 years old. I guess its time I started planning her birthday too.  There’s not a single day when I dont say this. Nethra is growing up too fast. She ate her first ice cream bar on her own. I think she ate about 80% and the other 20% was on her face and clothes. But thats still a great ratio in my opinion. She said it was good. And guess what!!! It was chocolate. 🙂





Helping mom cook!!! October 31, 2007

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Nethra was sitting so quietly (at least for a few seconds) on the kitchen counter that I had to take a picture.


Tom and Jelly!!! October 12, 2007

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I know the first thing you would ask me is why the name “Tom and Jelly”

Well it happens to be one of the most used phrase in our house now.

There is a jelly thing, its this jello like fruit candy, popular in Asian countries. Nethra loooooooves it. Everyday she asks for “jelly”. Now she knows tom and jerry cartoon… Calls it “tom and jelly” tho. Anyway… Until few days back she sould listen to what I say, answering questions, etc. if I pointed to something and ask she would think and answer. Suddenly she has started this new thing where if I ask her something and she doesn’t want to think she will immed say “tom and jelly” like I pointed to a picture of a cup of coffee and asked nethra what is this. Next second “tom and jelly” I said nethraaaa u know what this is. Look… Then she sees and says “copi”. my god. She’s like 19 months and already I have to try so hard to get her to focus. But then if she is engrossed in something no matter how much u shout or try to distract her she will not move an inch.